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SpaceHill™ LED Goggle

Rock These Glowing Shades At A Club, Bar, Party, Concert Or Rave. 

The SpaceHill™ LED Goggle is the goggle to wear in your costume event; Halloween, parties, club, or any event of your choice! It is very eye-catching. It is made of high-quality materials for scratch resistance and durability. It is equipped with wireless and silent LED technology. Comfort is not forgotten! We have designed the glasses with care to comfort. The lenses have extra padding and the nose pad is molded to fit all noses with comfort. The location of two LEDs on each arm makes it the perfect support for a cyberpunk look. It is safe for kids of all ages! The batteries emit a very low voltage so there's no hazard.

Fully color customizable with a button: Red, Blue, Green, Yellow, Cyan, Orange, Pink.

❤️ Loved By Everyone, Loved By Kylie Jenner ❤️